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David Ireland (October 30, 1991)01:14:10

Ireland explains his methodology of gathering materials that become tools to implement ideas. He illustrates this with his Victorian house at 550 Capp Street, in San Francisco, the renovation of which generated the creation of several sculptures and installations. Ireland decided to open the house to the public in 1977, in order to satisfy human curiosity of examining other people’s habitats. He presents over one hundred slides of his work. He also discusses other architectural works and building renovations.

Ireland describes in detail the project for the Monroe Reformatory, distinguishing what was actually built and what remained in drawings. Ireland presents other works designed for museums, gallery exhibitions and private commissions, pointing out that the work done for the show “Decade Documented” at The University Art Museum Berkley is one of his favorites. He describes in detail the pieces designed for The Museum of Modern Art, MOMA. Ireland concludes the lecture by showing his latest works.

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