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Craig Hodgetts & Robert Mangurian of Studio Works (November 21, 1979) Part 1 of 201:06:13

Thom Mayne introduces Robert Mangurian and Craig Hodgetts of Studio Works.

Hodgetts and Mangurian thank many of the people who have helped them including Thane Roberts, Marianne Burkhalter, Vitruvius, Ming Fung, Alvar Aalto, Coy Howard, and Michael Rotondi.

Hodgetts discusses the history of the idealized image of man, the evolution of this image during the industrial revolution, and the current technological revolution. He discusses his own values and their evolution.

Mangurian discusses the making and losing of space, interior and exterior space, and public and private space, referring to Nolli’s 1748 ichnographic plan of Rome. He discusses Woodstock, instant cities, temporary environments and the media. He discusses projects that deal with space, objects and imagery.

Hodgetts talks about his and Mangurian's interest in hot rods and hopping up cars, and how this influenced their approach to architecture. Hodgetts discusses Donald Judd, aluminum and the role of accessories in architecture.

The tape ends abruptly but is continued in Part 2.

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