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Bruce Goff (February 4, 1981) Part 2 of 258:17

Please note: the image throughout is very dark and slides are only intermittently visible.

Bruce Goff continues his talk from Part 1 ( He discusses many projects including:
•An unbuilt nondenominational chapel for the University of Oklahoma (1949)
•Durst House (1958), Houston, TX, and subsequently “re-personalized” by Goff for a new owner
•Nicol House (1965) Kansas City, MO
•Play Tower, Sooner Park (1963) in Bartlesville, OK
•Gutman House, Gulfport, MS
•Jacob Harder House (1980) Mountain Lake, MN

Between 32:06 and 41:54 the image is black and crowded with artifacts, though the audio remains intelligible. At 41:54 image and audio OK.

Goff presents a series of paintings “accompanying” Rimbaud’s “Drunken Boat” and several series of watercolors, with images of sailing, the ocean, and music.

He concludes with a discussion of the Joe D. Price House and studio (1956), Bartlesville, OK.

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