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Beyond Neutra & Schindler: Construction Industry Gap (October 27, 1976)02:00:01

Shelly Kappe introduces Pierre Koenig, Calvin C. Straub, Bernard Zimmerman, Ray Kappe, Daniel Dworsky, and Richard Dorman. There is a brief video summarizing the previous discussion in the “Beyond Neutra & Schindler” series.

Calvin Straub reminisces about Rafael Soriano, William Wurster, J. R. Davidson, and Reginald Johnson. Bernard Zimmerman discusses his upbringing in Boyle Heights and his view of 'stick' architecture. Zimmerman also talks about the history of modernism in Los Angeles. Pierre Koenig discusses contemporary times and thinks about ecology. Calvin Straub discusses individuality and selling out. The panel discusses industrial building systems.

The panel talks about clients and financial constraints. They reflect on the variety of lifestyle choices in Los Angeles. Dan Dworsky discusses current technologies, building systems, and approaching construction in a scientific way without loosing sight of the human aspect. Ray Kappe responds with comments on the economic situation, the deadness of most “new towns,” and the exciting but suspicious nature of cities like Tokyo.

Calvin Straub wonders about our quality of life and questions where society is going. Pierre Koenig discusses the modern movement, its spirit. He doesn’t understand talk of the death of modernism. He notes that the complexities of contemporary construction hinder individuality.

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