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Fritz Neumeyer (March 2, 1988)01:21:36

Margaret Crawford presents an introduction to Fritz Neumeyer's lecture on Mies van der Rohe. She first documents Neumeyer's pursuit of an architecture degree and PHD from Berlin.  Finally, his research at Los Angeles' Getty Center is noted.

Fritz Neumeyer begins his lecture with an overview of a theoretical framework for looking at modernism.  He first documents the historical roots of Miesian architecture and how they relate to the modern movement in general.  He then presents a review of the history of commentary of Mies' work, including the viewpoints of Robert Venturi and Philip Johnson.  Neumeyer later presents a review of Mies' original notebooks and his research into the meaning of the notes within.  He concludes the section with an overview of the most influential philosophers for Mies' thinking.

Neumeyer reviews a series of examples of Mies' work, including a look at his 1923 Concrete Office Building.  He argues for a reconsideration of the values represented in the building, which is traditionally considered as rigid, rational and repetitious.  Neumeyer explains that the building should be considered as reference to classicism.  He later documents Mies' use of concrete as a new material for expressive means.  Finally, Neumeyer relates Mies' work to Postmodernism and a broader theoretical discourse.

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