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Benjamin Ball & Gaston Nogues (March 19, 2008)01:45:53

Ball and Nogues explain their general intentions towards architecture, stressing digital versus physical fabrication. One of their main goals is to design a mechanism of production. Ball and Nogues discuss the three components of their “Black Hole” project: Frei Otto, the 1979 Disney movie "The Black Hole," and research and development. They describe several projects, stressing the process of concept to fabrication. Some early projects are made with cardboard, deployed like playing cards. They describe a structure consisting of a net shaped funnel and t-shirt rags for MOCA's exhibit, "Skin and Bones: Parallel Practices in Fashion and Architecture." They stress the importance of communication with the net manufacturer during the process. Ball and Nogues describe their 2007 “Liquid Sky” installation in the courtyard of MoMA/P. S. 1. They discuss their 2008 "Unseen Current" installation at the Extension Gallery in Chicago. This project consists of catenaries structures built with strings. Ball and Nogues point out how they not only created digital tools of design but also created physical tools of production. During a question and answer session, Ball and Nogues stress the importance of being a builder.

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