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Anne Imhof: EMO14:38

The German artist Anne Imhof is known for her promiscuous trans-medial practice. Her exhibitions unfold as highly dramatic and immersive environments comprising elements of drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, music, and performance – notably, dance. These large-scale works include “Faust,“ which was mounted in the German Pavilion of the 2017 Venice Biennale and won her the Golden Lion. In 2021, Imhof commandeered the entirety of the Palais de Tokyo in Paris with her “Natures Mortes,” a somberly ecstatic effort described by the critic Caroline Busta as “a requiem for twentieth century subculture – if not for the twentieth century, full stop.” Documentary fallout from that exhibition reappears throughout her most recent work. Imhof’s “EMO,” mounted at Sprüth Magers in Los Angeles between February 15 and May 6, 2023, was her first in this city, and the largest presentation of her work thus far in the US. In this film, we meet with the artist in the gallery to discuss her working process, which tends to involve close observation of how bodies interact with pictures, objects, and architectures in everyday life. Of particular interest to Imhof is the perspective of youth, to whom the world often appears as an alien construct, yet one that nevertheless must somehow be claimed. “Who owns what? Where is the money going? Where can you be and not be?” she asks. Her work, she suggests, reflects their modes of precarious occupation. It relates to “a generation of people that need to look very carefully.”

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SCI-Arc Channel Executive Producer - Reza Monahan
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C Camera - Karla Espino
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Sound Engineer - George Wymenga

Story Producer - Jan Tumlir
Editors - Sean Morris/Reza Monahan

Additional Images/Video/Music provided by Anne Imhof and Sprüth Magers.

Special thanks to Claire de Dobay Rifelj, Associate Director at Sprüth Magers, Los Angeles.

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