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Anna Neimark (March 31, 2021)57:37

After introductions by Hernán Díaz Alonso and David Ruy, Anna Neimark discusses her work with Andrew Atwood at First Office. The first five projects involve blank spaces becoming specific spaces:
•“Shotgun house” (2014)
•“Possible table” for the “Possible mediums” exhibit (2014)
•“Rude forms among us” installation at the SCI-Arc gallery (2020)
•“Zoopol” imagines an animal print city (2011)
•“Pinterest HQ” (2013)

Neimark characterizes the next three projects as projections of rendering into material space:
•“Paranormal panorama” screening room at the MAK Garage Top for Constanze Ruhm and Christine Lang's film“Cold Rehearsal” (2013)
•“A Background” installation of “The Drawing Show” at the A+D Museum (2016) and “B Background” installation at the Yale School of Architecture (2018)
•“Studio for art” in Virginia

Neimark discusses the last two projects as a re-definition of a generic (blank) form:
•An informal analysis project of neolithic dolmens, led to several works, including a proposal for P.S. 1 (2016) and a “build your own” app.
•“LA ADU” (2020) design adaptable for Accessory Dwelling Units of different sizes

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