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Andrew Goldsworthy (November 22, 1993)01:16:15

Andrew Goldsworthy discusses how his work and ideas have evolved since he was a teenager working as a farm laborer, up to the present. He insists that he is not an observer, but a participant. He tries to understand nature by touching, feeling and making.

He discusses a series of works, begun in 1977, that feature black holes. He stresses the contrast between the inside and the outside of the holes. He shows his series of works with snowballs, commenting on the importance of time and photography in his pieces. Goldsworthy describes a series of walls. He stresses that he draws walls in nature that have sympathy with the place that they travel through. The walls don’t cut the trees, they go around them. Goldsworthy explains that the importance of this work relies on the fact that even if the tree disappears there is a trace of its existence.

Goldsworthy shows a series of cones made out of the same stones as the walls. He discusses a series of shadow works, where he lays down in the rain and leaves the trace of his body on nature.

He responds to questions from the audience.

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