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Andrés Jaque : Superpowers of scale (October 14, 2020)01:05:43

After being introduced by David Eskenazi, Andrés Jaque discusses recent work of the Office for Political Innovation, including :

• Phantom. Mies as rendered society, Barcelona Pavilion reconstruction (2012-3)
• Superpowers of ten (2013-6)
• Escaravox, Matadero Madrid (2012)
• Ocean space / TBA21-Academy, Church of San Lorenzo, Venice (2019)
• Island House in Laguna Grande, Corpus Christi, Texas (2015)
• COSMO, Museum of Modern Art/P.S. 1 (2015)

He stresses “creating moments of alternative experience that could influence, through visibility, the overall thinking of particular built environments”.

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