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William Pederson of Kohn Pederson Fox (March 19, 1986)01:34:10

Eric Owen Moss introduces William Pederson.

Pederson shows tower projects in Chicago, Houston, and Cincinnati. Pederson describes the unique site issues, and specific intentions of each project. He stresses the significance of the materiality of the facades. Pederson discusses both structural and community aspects of the projects.

Pederson describes a performing arts building and a skyscraper that employ a dialogue between the natural and the man-made to create organizational strategies. Pederson uses the projects to address differences in scale. Pederson then shows several projects on Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Pederson concludes by showing a tapering skyscraper proposed for 383 Madison Avenue, near the Chrysler and Empire State buildings. He feels it summarizes his ideas about how skyscrapers and orders can be expressed in organizational structures. He answers questions from the audience on his background, his personal definition of style, Pederson’s obsession with internal organization, and vernacular styles.

Pederson ends with a question and answer session.

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