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Viviano Villarreal-Buerón: Pro Simulation Studio - ESADI Monterrey08:43

Viviano Villarreal-Buerón [Principal Mass Operations/ SCI-Arc EDGE MS Design Theory & Pedagogy Alumnus] shares the vision for his professional simulation studio developed in the context of SCI-Arc’s Design Theory & Pedagogy program and taught by Villarreal-Buerón at the ESADI School of Design and Architecture in Monterrey in the summer semester 2019. The studio builds on insights Villarreal-Buerón acquired through his professional practice background, having worked for OMA in Beijing, and currently maintaining his own practice in Monterrey, Mexico. The studio presents a simulation for students to experience and respond to events and challenges one would encounter in an actual architecture practice. In the studio, students are asked to form small teams, propose a name and identity for their office, compile a portfolio, and respond to fictional scenarios as if they were real. Villareal-Buerón’s “Pro Simulation Summer Studio” was offered as part of a five week visiting professorship at ESADI, Monterrey.