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Victory Wellness Center: Adaptive Diagonals07:22

In the heart of North Hollywood's vibrant landscape lies the Victory Wellness Center, a testament to architectural reimagination. Led by the visionary minds of PATTERNS, an esteemed design practice helmed by Georgina Huljich and Marcelo Spina, this groundbreaking project breathes new life into a bowstring truss warehouse from the 40s. Now emerging as a structure at the corner of Victory Blvd. and Troost Ave., this space has become a beacon of contemporary strategies, seamlessly integrated into its urban fabric.

Through intricate massing, diagonal slicing and the design of beautiful courtyards, Victory Wellness Center not only serves as a medical facility but also as a cultural landmark, enriching the public realm with open space and captivating the imagination of all who encounter it. With a nod to emerging technologies, this project stands as a testament to invention, where design meets innovation, and the boundaries of possibility are redefined.

PATTERNS is an award-winning and innovative architectural practice led by Argentinian-American partners Georgina Huljich (PATTERNS, Partner & Managing Director/Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, UCLA) and Marcelo Spina (PATTERNS, Founding Principal, Partner & Creative Director / Design and Visual Studies Faculty, SCI-Arc). The studio brings a critical and progressive approach to projects across scales, agendas, and geographies, insisting on the cultural and social relevance of architectural form, emerging technologies, and contemporary aesthetics. The studio draws upon Los Angeles’ global and idiosyncratic identity and creates engaging and speculative built work that operates beyond their functionality invigorating the public realm to become civic and cultural landmarks.

Founded in 2002, the studio approaches design and architecture with a deep working knowledge of nascent technologies and materials integrated into thoughtful form making. Closely working with each client and their needs as well as the characteristics of a site, each design follows a distinctive approach to material articulation and spatial aesthetics, while responding to their context, considering local materials, building methods, ecological, social and cultural conditions.

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