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Trevor McFedries (November 11, 2020)39:01

In the first part of this video, Hernán Díaz Alonso and Trevor McFedries discuss techno-optimism, and the need for venues where creativity and risk are celebrated and rewarded. McFedries describes the origin of his digital avatar Instagram influencer Lil Miquela, and his search for enduring narratives.

At 18:58, McFedries presents “Against specialization : full stack careers” He argues that curious, creative people can develop fulfilling and lucrative careers by defying specialized norms and living across – rather than within – the boundaries of different fields. While acknowledging that many people are drawn to specialization, he warns that the most narrowly specialized professions will be the first to be automated.

McFedries uses himself as an example, analyzing his 22-year old self. His background, and mix of interests that didn’t seem to form a whole – and were somewhat embarrassing to him. What he realizes now is that this was what gave him a unique point of view, that others recognized and responded to.

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