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Shuruq Tramontini: Current Affairs. An interactive VR Experience01:53

Current Affairs is an interactive VR experience that takes audiences on a journey into the depths of a plastic polluted ocean, where an Octopus leads us to the unknown pacific garbage island. Working with real-time datasets that come live and direct from the deep sea, this immersive environment changes and responds to reveal the current geo-mythology of the plastic island and makes tangible the strength and pollution of deep-sea currents. With the octopus, we drift beneath the waves and confront the hidden consequence of our daily routines. But what is the plastic island, and does it really exist? Or is it just an anecdote to confirm our worst fears about overconsumption? A cloud drifting and floating through media spaces and digital forums? A society of objects created on a planetary scale, an accumulation of our cultural traces and artifacts.

Current Affairs will tour festivals internationally across 2020. Film by Shuruq Tramontini, SCI-Arc Fiction and Entertainment 2019