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SCI-Arc 2018 Design Immersion Days Exhibition03:57

SCI-Arc’s 2018 Design Immersion Days [DID] students present a recent, public exhibition of their work at the school. The event was the culmination of a four week summer program for diverse high school students at SCI-Arc. In addition to a large gallery space containing the students’ work and curated by the students and faculty, local zones throughout the school housed smaller installations, inviting visitors to explore the SCI-Arc building. Monster Objects was a project dealing with the transformation of everyday objects. Paper Space examined the application of pattern and linework to create small scale enclosures, while Shape City was an urban scale project, considering the role of large form and graphics in creating urban landscapes and infrastructural pieces for the LA River. DID thanks our supporters: the National Endowment for the Arts, Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, and U.S. Bank Foundation.

To learn more about Design Immersion Days please visit or contact the Office of Admissions at 213.356.5320 or via email [email protected].

Soundtrack: "latogo" by Rushmo
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