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SCI-Arc ‘19 Spring Show04:40

SCI-Arc’s thirteenth annual Spring Show was presented to the public and surrounding community to showcase exceptional Undergraduate, Graduate, and Postgraduate studio projects, along with seminar work in the Visual Studies, Applied Studies, and History + Theory curricula. This year’s curators Damjan Jovanovic, Angelica Lorenzi, and Alexey Marfin grouped the works into thematic sections based purely on visual styles and aesthetics, regardless of how and where the work was created. In this way, the show presented a vertical slice through the entire school, promoting a more explicit mapping of affinities and influences. The exhibition presented five visual categories: architecture and tectonics; fictions and new media; graphics and forms; algorithms and computation; and a reading room for printed material. The goal was to assemble bodies of work that in themselves visually communicated a more extensive interest and way of working.

Soundtrack: "Tutsi" by Vani