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Right Now, Session 5: Lyricism, lies & other forms of fiction (September 26, 2015)01:34:17

Joe Day introduces the panelists--Ben Bratton, Lydia Kallipoliti, Todd Gannon, Liam Young and Michael Young--in a way to also introduce the session's themes of farce, fiction, and the speculative. Topics discussed include architecture's position in-between the fictive and the real, Charles Jencks, the production of doubt, science fiction, and estrangement. In a discussion on the everyday, fiction, and media, Bratton argues that science fiction doesn't realize its potential for capturing the present. Lydia Kallipoliti objects to the emphasis on story-telling, in a fragmented media ecology that is hostile to the construction of coherent narratives.

After a break, the seven session provocateurs discuss the symposium--Dora Epstein Jones, Tom Wiscombe, Todd Gannon, Marcelyn Gow, Joe Day, David Ruy and John Enright.

Hernan Diaz Alonso concludes the Right Now symposium with the observation that it was never intended to define a new dogma, proposing it functions more as a playlist set on random. Among the themes, he stresses historical context, the construction of the audience, realisms--in the plural--and how everything ultimately depends on people who are obsessed.

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