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Rafael Moneo (December 2, 1998)01:35:34

After Neil Denari's introduction, Rafael Moneo announces that he won't be discussing his Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, out of a dislike for presenting projects that are only just begun. He proposes that a common stylistic language, such as Roman, Gothic and Modernism, doesn't necessarily lead to homogeneity, but can cultivate distinct regional and cultural differences. Moneo presents in detail his building for the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, stressing his desire to integrate his new structure with the existing museum by Mies van der Rohe. In contrast to Mies, his design densely "colonizes" the site, "like a city." In contrast to the museum in Houston, Moneo discusses his Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm as a response to the city. He admires the way Stockholm has maintained a keen, solid tradition of building that engages its fortunate topography. Moneo discusses his City Hall in Murcia. He concludes with a discussion of the Kursaal convention center in San Sebastián. Moneo responds to a few questions from the audience.

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