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Raed Yassin: Hyper-Disciplinary Collective Histories12:07

Raed Yassin (born 1979, Beirut) is an artist and musician whose work often originates from an examination of his personal narratives and their position within a collective history, through the lens of consumer culture and mass production. He graduated from the theater department at the Institute of Fine Arts in Beirut in 2003, and since then has developed his conceptual practice through multiple mediums, including video, sound, photography, text, sculpture and performance. In one of his largest and most recent works “The Sea Between My Soul,” installed at the Onassis Stegi Foundation in Athens Greece, Raed Yassin’s hyper-disciplinary practice evolves into a multi-sensory theatrical performance and sculptural extravaganza. A rock musical performed by taxidermy animals, “The Sea Between My Soul” crosses boundaries between installation and theater, music and light, life and death and is a morbid reflection on the long-standing history of fatalities in the Mediterranean Sea.

Additional recent exhibitions include, "Warhol of Arabia" at the Sharjah Art Foundation, UAE, "Raed Yasmin Lies" at the Beirut Art Residency La Vitrine, Beirut, LB, "Yassin Haute Couture" at Marfa Projects, Beirut, LB, "The Future is Nostalgic" at Kalfayan Galleries, Athens, GR, "A Feeling in Perspective," Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde, Dubai, UAE, "Kissing Amnesia," Leighton House Museum, Shubbak Festival, London, UK, "The Impossible Works of Raed Yassin" (performance), Merselleira, Milan, IT, "Karaoke," Akademie der Kunst der Welt, Cologne, DE, "Amnesiac Commissions," Kalfayan Galleries, Athens, GR, "Yassin Dynasty in The Chinese Room," Castello Di Rivoli, Torino, IT, "Dancing, Smoking, Kissing," The Running Horse Gallery, Beirut, LB, "Postponed Noon," VITRINE, London The Impossible, UK, "The Impossible Works of Raed Yassin (performance)," Beirut Art Centre, LB, "Disco Tonight," Kalfayan Galleries, Athens, GR, "The Best of Sammy Clark," Delfina Foundation, London, UK. Raed was also a resident artist at De Ateliers, Amsterdam (2008-2010), the Delfina Foundation, London, Akademie der Künste der Welt, Cologne (2015), and is a recipient of the Abraaj Group Art Prize (2012). As a musician, he is one of the organizers of the Irtijal Festival for Experimental Music (Beirut), and has released several solo music albums, as well as part of groups such as “A” Trio and PRAED. In 2009, he founded his independent music label Annihaya. Raed currently lives and works between Berlin and Beirut.

Crew Credits:

Creator and Executive Producer - Hernán Díaz Alonso
Producers - Marcelyn Gow/Reza Monahan

Story Producers - Cal Crawford/Reza Monahan
Editors - Cal Crawford/Reza Monahan
VFX - Andrew Hu

PRAED Orchestra! “Embassy of Embarrassment”
PRAED Orchestra! “Doomsday Survival Kit”
Raed Yassin - Archeophony “The Rain Prophet”
Raed Yassin - Archeophony “Book of Psalms"
PRAED Orchestra! “The Spy who Spoke too much”
Raed Yassin “A Short Biography of a Snake” at ECLAT festival
PRAED Orchestra! “Il A3sab”
Also including excerpts from - "Humming in Abandoned Places," PRAED Orchestra! live and "The Sea Between My Soul"

Images and Video Provided by Raed Yassin

Additional Image and Video Credits:
Alan Bishop image
Hreinn Gudlaugsson, CC BY-SA 4.0

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TVmedrar, CC BY 3.0

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0:22, 1:11a
“Praed live at Outernational Days 2”
The Attic

6:38, 6:43, 7:00,
“Humming in Abandoned Places (2020), by Raed Yasmin”
Abu Dhabi Art

10:17, 10:21
Onassis Stegi, Onassis Main Stage
Photographer: ©Nikos Daniilidis

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