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Pinball Hall of Fame08:06

Join SCI-Arc Channel for a look inside the origins of game design at the Pinball Hall of Fame. Located just off the famed Las Vegas Strip, PHoF is a non-profit, carnival-esque, interactive archive, managed by a man often clad in a carpenter's apron and strung in wire, founder Tim Arnold. The Pinball Hall of Fame is a project of the Las Vegas Pinball Collectors Club and is grounded by a quality-for-quality's-sake, Zen-and-the-art-of-pinball-maintenance philosophy. PHoF houses pinball machines from all eras, including some very rare machines such as Williams' “Black Gold,” Bally's “Pinball Circus,” and Recreativos Franco's “Impacto.” The 10,000 square foot space features over 200 different pinball games, including some classic video arcade games and other novelty machines of the past and present. Fully staffed by volunteers, excess revenues are donated to the Salvation Army and other local Las Vegas charities.

***This film was produced pre-pandemic***

Crew Credits:

Creator and Executive Producer - Hernán Díaz Alonso
Producers - Marcelyn Gow/Reza Monahan
Director - Reza Monahan
Director of Photography/Sound Engineer - Sean Morris
B Camera/Lighting Technician - Robert Moreno
C Camera - Jenessa Conner

Story Producers/Editors - Sean Morris/Reza Monahan

Soundtrack by Jason Schimmel

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