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Mohan Sharma: Le Corbusier In Chandigarh (March 16, 1987)01:22:04

Shelly Kappe introduces Mohan Sharma, noting his work on the plan of Chandigarh in collaboration with Le Corbusier, and his later implementation of the master plan of Abuja, Nigeria.

Sharma reviews the master plan for Chandigarh he developed with Le Corbusier. He discusses site considerations and the different functions of the plan. He shows early versions of the plan and unbuilt features. Sharma analyzes specific buildings, chronicling their development and integration in the master plan. He presents elements of the plan, including low income housing, civic buildings and schools. Sharma concludes with a conversation regarding his work in Chandigarh after Le Corbusier’s death.

Sharma reflects on his collaboration with Le Corbusier. Sharma describes Corbusier’s professional attitude, and illustrates his decision-making process during the planning of Chandigarh. Sharma reflects on Corbusier’s place in history, arguing that he operated outside of historical confines.

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