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Aldo van Eyck & Christian Norberg-Schulz (1985)01:19:03

This video contains three events, none of which took place at SCI-Arc. It seems to be a symposium on figurative architecture at the 1985 AIA conference in San Francisco.

Aldo van Eyck presents a selection of his work, showing each project briefly and using each to explain a particular idea about his work. He talks about a Catholic Church project in The Hague where he creates a high space on a small site with a small budget. His 1959 orphanage in Amsterdam deals with how to articulate a large flat roof, while another church project is about dematerializing walls. Showing the columns of his European Space Agency project, van Eyck stresses the importance of creating your own solutions.

Van Eyck’s presentation is followed (at the 34:45 mark) by a response by Christian Norberg-Schulz.

This is followed (at the 1:06:14 mark) by another panel discussion, in which Norberg-Schulz is joined by several other commentators, discussing memory, urban semiotics and Eurocentricism.

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