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Minorities in Architecture panel (January 28, 1976)01:02:09

The video begins with a slide show with music of East LA by SCI-Arc student Rafael Menendez. Ray Kappe introduces Jack W. Haywood. Haywood reviews his career, from working in large firms to starting his own firm in 1972. He praises the SCI-Arc student work on display, but warns students that big projects tend to go only to big firms. David Angelo describes the challenge of trying to run an architectural office in East LA He argues that the only architecture that will work there is something that reflects and works with Chicano culture, not something imposed on it from outside. Jesus Arguelles works in several different Hispanic communities across the US, and approaches the problem differently. He argues that the main problem is miscommunication. Arguelles sees himself as a broker in a complicated physical, economic, psychological and political situation. Arthur Silvers of DMJM notes the absence of women on the panel, and tells a story about his encounter with Jim Crow segregation traveling to Cincinnati in 1958 as USC's representative at the Scarab national architecture student convention. He sees architects as politically disenfranchised, but nevertheless guardians of design and the environment. Kappe leads the panelists in a general discussion. The video cuts off before the end of the discussion.

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