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Michael Rotondi (B.Arch ‘75): From the center (October 26, 2022)01:23:33

After Hernán Díaz Alonso’s introduction, Michael Rotondi discusses the motivations and concepts that have informed his work, stressing curiosity, experimentation, learning from mentors, collaborators, and clients – always with the goal of integration of intellectual and spiritual practice. Coming across anything interesting in any field, he asks, “What’s the architectural equivalent of this?”
He discusses his sketchbooks as both meditation and visual notes.
He doesn’t discuss projects chronologically, but thematically – typically noting a project as relevant to several different ideas. Among the many projects mentioned are …
• 100,000 Stupas Land of Medicine, Soquel
• Warehouse C, Nagasaki
• Prairie View College of Art and Architecture
• Vogt Creative Commons, Louisville
• Oak Pass residence
• Contemporary Craftsman residence, Angeleno Heights
• Los Gatos residence
• Cliffside house, Point Dume
• Suzhou Garden Villa
• Sanctuary for city dwellers, Silver Lake
• CDLT 1, 2 residence, Silver Lake
• Belmont Beach Aquatic Center, Long Beach
• Wolf Connection youth education and sanctuary, Acton
• Performance environment for Hirokazu Kosaka, Getty Center
• Lux Studio, Culver City & Eureka

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