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Kevin Rhowbotham (February 1, 1995)01:41:32

Kevin Rhowbotham recounts his experiences as an architecture instructor at various schools in England. Teaching his students how to establish form first and program second, his methodology subvert many of the orthodoxies of architectural education. He encourages students to take their drawings and models seriously as art, and notes that one drawback of this is making material costs significant, including professional photography. He tries to prepare his graduate students at the Bartlett School to be leaders in their field. Rhowbotham discusses the Fashion Architecture and Taste (FAT) group. They originally formed to publish a magazine, which never happened. However they did produce several projects. One is a house for a family which he proposed housing the parents in a "menopausal" modernist box, and the children in a "pubescent" pink "bloid."

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