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Daniel Libeskind: Between zero and infinity (November 15, 2017)01:07:29

Hernan Diaz Alonso introduces Daniel Libeskind as artist, theorist and architect with multiple trajectories, operating between the discipline and the profession.

Daniel Libeskind describes his decision to pursue architecture through drawing and models, discussing a variety of works including Micromegas (1979), Chamberworks (1983), the Reading and Memory machines (1985), and the Sonnets of Babylon (2014). He discusses the Potsdamer Platz (1991) and City Edge (1987) projects.

Libeskind reviews some of his built work, including
•Jewish Museum, Berlin (1989-2001)
•Jewish Museum glass courtyard (2007)
•Academy of the Jewish Museum (2010)
•National Holocaust memorial, Ottawa (2015)
•18.36.54 House, Connecticut (2008)
•Sapphire apartment building, Berlin (2017)
•Two 2011 projects at Keppel Bay, Singapore: the Reflections complex of six towers and eleven low-rise villa apartments; and the Corals mid-rise residential complex
•Military history museum, Dresden (2011)
•Ogden Center for Fundamental Physics, Durham University (2016)
•Occitanie Tower, Toulouse (2022)
•East Thiers Station, Nice (2019)
•Lake Turkana center, Kenya (construction to start 2019)
He concludes with the World Trade Center master plan (2003) stressing the open, public spaces.

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