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Ken Kaplan & Ted Krueger (April 11, 1990)49:07

A student introduces Neil Denari, who introduces Ken Kaplan and Ted Krueger, of K/K R & D.

Kaplan and Krueger alternate describing recent machines and installations:
•Furniture constructed in collaboration with Christopher Scholz: a table that turns into a lamp and the “Crib-batic (1986) baby stroller and garage
•“Untitled Machine for Columbia University” (1987), the first “Analog”
•Several “Renegade Cities” projects: “Oilcan City” (1988) and “Bureau-dicto” (1989)/
•Several “Mosquitoes” projects from 1989: “Gigabips”, “Darpadoa”, “Avalanche City”; and “Roll-a-Text: a theory Cuisinart” from 1988.

At 34:11, Kaplan and Krueger respond to comments and questions from the audience.

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