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James Ward Byrkit & Michael Stock: Coherence (November 5, 2019)40:11

After a screening of “Coherence” (2013), Michael Stock introduces James Ward Byrkit, the film’s writer/director/producer.

Byrkit describes how the film originated with the idea, “What if you saw yourself out the window?” The introduction of the Canon 5D camera made it possible to simplify the crew down to a camera and the actors. Byrkit had prepared a detailed story outline but not a script. The film was shot in five days without rehearsals. The actors improvised on the basis of information Byrkit shared with each one-on-one. But they didn’t know the story; some thought it was a comedy; the lead didn’t know she was the lead.

Stock and Byrkit discuss post-production, especially the film’s elaborate sound design. Byrkit describes how the film acquired distribution after it appeared in the 2013 Austin Fantastic Fest. He stresses how fans of the film want to discuss its ideas.

At 31:52 Byrkit and Stock respond to questions and comments from the audience.

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