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Hitoshi Abe : Remix (March 13, 2024)01:00:47

After Hernán Díaz Alonso’s introduction, Hitoshi Abe proposes to discuss old and new projects under three categories based on his M.Arch 2 project he completed at SCI-Arc in 1989:
“Space as an accumulation of surfaces”
•Cocoon experiment (1988)
•Shirasagi bridge, Shiroishi (1994)
•Reihoku community hall, Kumamoto (2002)
•Departments 2 and Student center, Vienna University of Economics and Business (2013)
•Miyagi Stadium, Rifu (2000)
•Miko Mizuta Memorial Hall, Josai University, Sakado (2017)
•Kanno Museum, Shiogama (2006)

“The surface as a portal”
•Black Mask experiment (1988)
•Tokyo House Kado 001 (2005)
•Aoba-Tei restaurant, Sendai (2004)
•Warehouse under construction
•Terasaki Research Institute, Westwood (2018)
•len-tic-u-lar-is SCI-Arc gallery installation (2010)
•Designing with Disaster exhibition (2023)
•Renovation of the 3M headquarters, St. Paul (2014)
•Cloud of thought installation, Okamura Space R, Tokyo (2019)
•Project for a digital billboard on Sunset Strip, West Hollywood (2024)

“The surface of participation”
•Cardboard box experiment (1988)
•Little Tokyo Design Week (2011)
•UCLA Ideas campus, Playa Vista (2013)
•Archi+Aid: Relief and recovery by architects for Tohoku earthquake and tsunami (2011)
•Archi+Aid Record Book (2016)
•Hot Links duplex, New Orleans (2009)
•Project for a Sony headquarters (2004)

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