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Flintstone House11:02

The Flintstone House was built in 1976 and has since been re-designed and painted a variety of colors inspired by the Flintstones cartoon and comics. In 2017, successful Bay Area businesswoman, Florence Fang, and the Fang family re-modeled the Hillsborough, California home and landscaped the surrounding area: “With spirit that transcends time, to integrate the past & future, seamlessly interconnected.” The interior is exceptionally punctuated with a vast array of Flintstone memorabilia and spaces such as the Goldmine and sunken-in/orange conversation room. The exterior features a wide array of large dinosaurs, a Bigfoot sculpture, spaceships, and much more. Clearly viewable from the Doran Memorial Bridge, over time Flintstone House has become US Highway 280's iconic Northern California landmark.

Original Architect William “Nick” Nicholson pioneered the formation of similar dome houses by spraying concrete over giant, inflated balloons. First considered a failure, Nicholson alongside Mrs. Fang now embrace the home not just as a place where square-box, domestic architecture is transcended but a house where dreams come true.

After having garnered degrees in architecture and beyond from USC, William "Nick" Nicholson began several manufacturing concepts with workshops producing large fiberglass super slides, drinking fountains shaped like animals and more. During this time, after an inspired trip to the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Nicholson developed a method for dome-home construction. This exclusive technique evolved into the development of four such structures built in California (Apple Valley, Silver Lake, San Francisco’s Hillsborough, and Palm Springs). From there Nicholson moved East to Sedona, Arizona where he began land development. This finally led to major projects in Prescott Valley, Yavapai County, and then back to California in Palm Springs. Due to the iconic success of his early projects, Nicholson now develops ADU Flintstone-styled Airbnb’s in Northern and Southern California.

Crew Credits -

Creator and Executive Producer - Hernan Diaz Alonso
Producers - Marcelyn Gow/Reza Monahan
Director - Reza Monahan
Directors of Photography - Sean Morris/Adam Goldstein
B Camera - Justin Guo
Swing Tech - Sebastian Chapela
Sound Engineer - Adam Goldstein

Story Producer - Sean Morris
Editors - Sean Morris/Reza Monahan

"Animaux Obscènes" by Dan Bodan
"Anomalous Hedges" by Mini Vandals
"Here Come The Raindrops" by Reed Mathis
"Two Little Bums" by The Great North Sound Society
"Birds" by Corbyn Kites

Image Credits:
Blue_Mosque.jpg by David Spender
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Inreior_of_the_Blue_Mosque._Istanbul,_Turkey,_Southeastern_Europe.jpg by Mstyslav Chernov
Sultan_Ahmed_Mosque_-_Blue_Mosque_-_Istanbul,_Turkey_(10582519245).jpg by David Berkowitz
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Interior_of_Blue_Mosque_-_Sultanahmet_District_-_Istanbul_-_Turkey_(5726338731).jpg by Adam Jones
Panorama_of_Ceiling_of_Blue_Mosque_-_Sultanahmet_District_-_Istanbul_-_Turkey_(5726344699).jpg by Adam Jones

Special thanks to: Elisabeth Willoughby, Karoline Hatch-Berens, Jason “Doc” Eshleman, Glenn Berens

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