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Fabian Marcaccio & Hernan Diaz Alonso : The Paintant Lab gallery talk (November 22, 2019)37:10

Hernan Diaz Alonso describes how Fabian Marcaccio’s “The Paintant Lab” exhibition in the SCI-Arc Gallery (October 18 through December 1, 2019) was conceived not as a presentation of finished works, but of Marcaccio’s tools and process.

Marcaccio responds to Diaz Alonso’s questions about aspects of the exhibition, and their conversation touches on issues including Marcaccio’s earliest encounters with paintings in museums, his sense of painting as a “paradoxical, trans-formal, dysfunctional practice,” violence, materials, corporality, frames, Marcaccio’s color palette, his use of silicone, flatness, and time.

To a question about his process, Marcaccio responds, ““I don’t want to know where I start and where I end. If I know, I fall into a trap: illustrating paintings, styles. … I’m trying to keep the paradox alive. … It’s an ethical and aesthetic decision.”

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