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Duel + Duet: Damjan Jovanovic & Jennifer Chen (June 17, 2022)44:57

After Hernán Díaz Alonso’s introduction, the two speakers discuss the ideas that motivate them, past work, and current work related to Liam Young’s “Planet City” project.

Jennifer Chen discusses remote sensing as “not only an instrument for scientific data collection, but a speculative medium … revealing our hopes and fears, desires and dreads at the scale of the planet.” She describes early planet-scale images, and the need to use fiction to communicate information memorably. She argues that large, detached, and remote views can be employed to tells stories that are small, precise and intimate.

At 21:39, Damjan Jovanovic argues that interactive toys – in between video games and tools – can bridge the gap between making sensible (art) and making intelligible (science). For “Planet City”, his “Planet Garden” planetary simulation game, with provide “a multi scalar system simulation of a future planetary environment”.

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