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Discrete : Reappraising the digital in architecture (November 15, 2019)01:17:59

Marrikka Trotter introduces a launch of Architectural Design magazine’s Profile #258, “Discrete: reappraising the digital in architecture”. She presents a history of discreteness in pre-digital architectural history, from medieval micro-architectures to James Stirling.

Individual presentations by the panelists begin with the “Discrete”’s guest editor Gilles Retsin, followed by Jose Sanchez, Damjan Jovanovic, M. Casey Rehm and Soomeen Hahm.

At 00:41:38, Trotter starts the panel-discussion part of the program by asking if work engaged with the discrete has to be straight, as opposed to curved forms of parametricism. The conversation touches on issues including the discrete as a socio-political project or an aesthetic/stylistic project, new forms of architectural production, the need for new platforms, the obsolescence of the virtual/actual distinction, making architectural production more efficient and more accessible, architecture for the many versus architecture for the few, and the need to pursue new processes and forms relevant to emerging new social, economic and political realities.

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