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David Easton (February 17, 1994)01:02:45

David Easton discusses his research into earth walled construction techniques and presents a selection of work by his firm Rammed Earth Works. Graduating with a degree in engineering form Stanford University in 1970, he has been developing and building earth walled structures for eighteen years. Showing several examples of his built work, he argues that earth can be used to achieve a variety of textures, forms, and colors resulting in spaces that are as light, open, and hygienic as any conventional construction type. His system uses the thermal mass of the earth walls in combination with large south facing glazing to passively regulate internal temperatures. Easton’s pis? construction process uses the same equipment used for gunite or shotcrete pneumatically sprayed concrete. Easton uses one sided plywood forms that are recycled to make internal partitions. The concept that drives his work is a desire to promote more responsible use of non-renewable resources and to introduce people to new ways of working that make full use of renewable resources such as wind, water, the sun, and earth.

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