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Damjan Jovanovic & John Cooper : “Discovery” (November 18, 2022)40:56

Damjan Jovanovic discusses with John Cooper the SCI-Arc Gallery installation he created with his colleague at, Lidija Kljakovic, “Discovery: A story about rooftops, airships, robots and inflatables” (on view October 28 to December 18, 2022).

The exhibition features a narrative that follows The Airborne Collective, a radical environmental hacker group seeking to make a flourishing roofscape ecosystem (airships, greenhouses, pods) and unleash optimism in the face of looming ecological threat. The installation combines a cinematic experience with interactive game experience

Their conversation touches on ideas of the collective, the new view of urban and architectural space afforded by video games, architectural precedents, play, the default dystopianism of contemporary culture, utopianism without sentimentality,

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