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Craig Hodgetts, Ming Fung & Eric Owen Moss: Kē-ärō’-skŏŏr’ō (September 26, 2007)57:25

Craig Hodgetts and Ming Fung discusses their installation kē ärō‘ skŏŏr’ō with Eric Owen Moss. The installation consists of roughly 180 wall-mounted ellipses that were back-lit with LED lighting. The pattern is taken from a photograph of Nina Simone, which is faintly recognizable. Moss likens their project to the Zip-a-Tone
screentone product once common with cartoonists. Hodgetts and Fung describe some the the serendipitous aspects of the project. Hodgetts referrs to the installation as a way of “painting with light,” and “place-making device” similar to a Zen rock garden.

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