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Cornel West (March 28, 1988) Part 1 of 201:25:45

Cornel West characterizes his theme as "historicizing the postmodernism debate,” arguing that it is “symptomatic of larger currents in culture and society.” He references cultural critics such as Matthew Arnold, T.S. Eliot, Lionel Trilling, and Franz Fanon. West asks, “What is the postmodern moment?” And what does it have to do with culture, politics and other aspects of society? West relates high modernist architecture, such as Le Corbusier's, with the social forces outlined by Eliot. He also discusses decolonization and its political and social consequences. During the Q&A West responds to questions about architecture and notes the democratizing of architecture which generates debate with audience members, Eric Owen Moss, Ann Bergren, Michael Rotondi, and others.

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