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Confederacy Of Heretics Symposium: Media & the globalization Of L.A. architecture (June 15, 2013)01:52:27

The panelists discuss the communication of architectural discourse in the late 1970s, and the increasing awareness of new work in Los Angeles, and recall it as a period that discovered the beauty of urban. Paul Goldberger argues that in the last 35 years the media have changed more radically than architecture, noting that John Dreyfuss' 1979 series of articles on the Heretics architects would be unthinkable at a newspaper today. Goldberger and other panelists comment on the decline of architectural criticism, the rise of self-publishing, and the possibility that the gatekeeper function once fulfilled by journalists is now performed by exhibit curators. The panelists also discuss issues raised by members of the audience, including the profile of architecture in popular culture, celebrity culture and the blockbuster mentality applied to architecture, global dissemination as a cause of homogenization, the difficulty of filtering and evaluating in an over-saturated media environment, and the search for adventurous clients.

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