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A Confederacy Of Heretics Symposium: Eccentric projections (June 15, 2013)02:07:12

Todd Gannon identifies the topic as architectural drawing circa 1979 and its implications for architectural drawing now.

Andrew Zago explains his analysis of the Heretics’ work in terms of seven spatial projections.

The four panelists each discuss a drawing that they feel relates to the work in the Heretics exhibit:
-Annie Chu on a composite plan/elevation/section from Frank Israel’s office;
-John Enright on a frontal axonometric projection by James Stirling;
-Wes Jones on an exploded view drawing of a Douglas Skyhawk jet fighter;
-Andrew Zago on one of the Micromegas by Daniel Libeskind (1978-81).

The panelists discuss the autonomous architectural drawing, the opposition of making a drawing versus making a thing, the presence or absence of virtuosity now, and the influence of new tools in general.

Hernan Diaz Alonso concludes the symposium by identifying an alternative set of cultural coordinates for 1979, doubting there is any point in looking back at this work, except as a register of what is valued now.

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