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Bud Goldstone (November 18, 1981)01:24:59

Bud Goldstone, a retired Rockwell International engineer discusses the technologies that emerged from the aerospace industry, focusing on inventions developed between Rockwell and NASA during the Space Shuttle program. Speaking of NASA, Goldstone says “It’s the only branch of the government that’s worth a damn, really.” He shows a silent film of a space flight with commentary by astronauts Robert Crippen and John Young. He mentions the NASA Tech Briefs, a quarterly publication which describes new technologies developed by the aerospace program. Goldstone emphasizes the availability of this information to public and the opportunities to make money based on these inventions. He talks about the largest, most beneficial technologies from the space program: integrated circuits, cryogenic insulation, gas turbines, and NASA’s NASTRAN computer program. Goldstone details spin-off products which resulted from the space program, such as “Sound Guard,” originally developed as a spray for motors, that is now sprayed on vinyl records to protect and improve sound quality.

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