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BLM Week of Action : 2. Diversity, Globalism, and Collective Value (February 2, 2021)01:56:51

The student hosts Allyn Viault and Babatunde-Majadi Adejare outline the Week of Action events. The session moderator Mira Henry points out the themes of the Week of Action reflect the thirteen guiding principles of Black Lives Matter At School: Restorative justice and struggle, Empathy, Loving Engagement, Diversity, Globalism, Queer Affirming, Trans Affirming, Collective Value, Intergenerational, Black Families, Black Villages, Unapologetically Black, and Black Women.

At 9:46, after Mira Henry’s introduction, Charles L. Davis II argues that the myth of American exceptionalism creates a narrative that translates racist injustices into momentary failures within an overall progressive movement forward. Through this lens he critiques books by three African-American writers on architecture—Melvin L. Mitchell, Darrell Wayne Fields, and Mario Gooden. Davis proposes that settler colonialism offers a more accurate discourse for discussing the US, and also opens possibilities relevant to architects and architectural education. At 41:39, the other participants respond.

At 1:25:38, Bryan Lee Jr. affirms that “for nearly every injustice there is an architecture, a plan, a design to sustain it,” and articulates a concept of design justice “to challenge the privilege and power structures that use architecture and design as a tool of oppression,” redirecting the discipline towards a “radical anti-racist vision of racial, social and cultural reparation through the process and outcomes of design.” At 1:43:25 the panelists respond.

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