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Andrew Zago: An awkward position (February 6, 2013)01:33:29

Andrew Zago begins by discussing other architects, personal friends, strangers, long-time influences, intermittently influential presences, and people he productively misunderstands, from Jeff Kipnis, Neil Denari, to Ledoux and Sylvia Lavin. Zago discusses two recent chair designs: Boing! and Zag-Zig. He presents a series of two-dimensional works, including a series of drawings and sketches, mostly black on white. Zago discusses his entry in the 2010 competition for a Museum of Modern Korean History in Seoul, emphasizing how his longstanding formal interests engaged with the site to generate a design that created a Korean public space without historic imagery. Zago discusses his team's project for the Museum of Modern Art's 2011-2 Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream exhibition. Invited to propose an alternative future for a large suburban development in Rialto, California, that was stalled by the 2007 financial crisis, Zago led a team of developers, engineers, environmentalists, and planners to explore alternatives to suburban monoculture. Zago surveys architectural perspective from Leonardo to Ed Ruscha as an introduction to his and Laura Bouwman's 2008 XYT: Detroit Streets video loop, and the main animation for the MOMA presentation of the Rialto project.

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