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Andrew Thomas Huang : Queer morphologies & digital spirits (November 3, 2021)48:21

Please note: the audio and image of many of the videos featured in this lecture have been obscured at the copyright owner’s request.

After Liam Young’s introduction, Andrew Thomas Huang defines “Queer morphologies” as “inhabited forms, avatars, & personas that expand the embodied imagination”, and “Queerness” as “transgression of boundaries, body as a site of liberation, challenging power structures”. He argues that queerness, spirituality and technology “challenge Western ontological frameworks that form the foundation of existing power structures” but also “provide fertile ground for new modes of storytelling”.

Huang illustrates these ideas with discussions of his own work, including music videos and short films:
•“Solipsist” (2012)
•“Mutual core” with Björk (2012)
•“Before your very eyes” with Atoms for Peace (2013)
•“Flesh Nest” (2017)
•“The Gate” with Björk (2017)
•“Cellophane” with FKA Twigs (2019)
•“East Wind” with East Wind Lion Dance Troupe (2017)
•“Asian Dope Boys” with the Asian Dope Boys (2019)
•“Kiss of the rabbit god” (2018)

Huang also discusses still image manipulated photographic self-portraits, and a virtual augmented reality sculpture “Mutant Bagua”.

He concludes by stressing the need to “collapse the distinction between life + non-life, creating a spiritual gateway for new consciousness to emerge.”

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