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Alexis Rochas: Coachella Gateway Pavilion discussion (September 14, 2012)43:13

Eric Owen Moss discusses with Alexis Rochas his Coachella Gateway Pavilion, documented in a Kappe Library gallery installation of a model and multiple videos. The free-standing, temporary Gateway was built at the Coachella concert venue earlier that April. Rochas and Moss discuss the technical constraints of the project–no foundation, seven days for construction, ability to withstand strong winds for two weeks, a disassembled in twenty-four hours. Rochas discusses the Gateway’s function as shade during the day, and as a screen for video projections during the evening. Moss asks about how it related to other elements of the concert. Moss asks what the Gateway might mean to a single viewer, rather than a crowd of 80,000. Rochas describes the Gateway as a collaboration between himself, engineer Bruce Danziger, the video artists, and his team.

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