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A Queer Query - Part 2: Entanglements (December 5, 2020)01:23:11

Beginning the “Entanglements” session, David Eskenazi introduces excerpts from two films made in 2016 by Andrés Jaque: “Intimate Strangers” (2016) on the hookup app Grindr, and “Pornified homes” (2016) examining the spaces of online male prostitution.
At 21:43, Eskenazi and Jaque discuss issues raised by the films.

At 43:17, Andrew Holder, in “Untitled (House in Los Angeles 5)” discusses a single family home project in terms of three questions: What is a client? What is a dominant model? What is the center? He concludes with the hope that architects can develop “models for how to doubt one’s own position in the world and walk away smiling.”
At 1:11:46, Eskanzi responds and continues the discussion with Holder.

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