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2022 Selected Graduate Thesis Exhibition08:29

Highlights from the 2022 SCI-Arc Selected Graduate Thesis Exhibition. The show featured award-winning Graduate Thesis projects in the SCI-Arc Gallery. Graduate Thesis represents the culmination of the Graduate curriculum at SCI-Arc. Projects in the exhibition included the Gehry Prize winning thesis by Sopie Akoury and Sue Hang Mun Choi + Si Ian Wong, as well as projects by Merit Graduate Thesis Prize winners Charlie Allen + John Siu Lun Chan, Chris Biao Cao, Yujia Fang, Shuang Feng + Tianze We, Betty Ziyin Gu + Joy Xin Yi Ma, Jiaxin Li, Kait Cartmell, Jordan Micham, Camille Khanh Linh Thai and Jure Žibret.

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