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2019 EDGE Fiction & Entertainment Finals05:20

SCI-Arc’s EDGE Fiction and Entertainment 2019 graduating class, directed by Liam Young, presents journeys into a series of speculative futures. These future worlds incorporate techniques of film, fiction, video games, virtual reality and documentary to tell stories about the emerging conditions of the 21st century in a world where artificial intelligence and automation are ubiquitous and myriad autonomous objects populate our daily life. The 2019 Finals event marked the culmination of the one year Fiction and Entertainment curriculum. Feature here are invited guests: Natalie Sun [Director, Founder NextArt], Peter Hyer [Portfolio Director at IDEO], Daniel Tauber [Design Director at IDEO], Andrew Thomas Huang [Director], Samantha Gorman [Cofounder tender Claws Games Studio], Mike Tucker [Interactive Director with Magic Leap], Jonathan Wong [Associate Policy Researcher at RAND Corporation], Melissa Smith [Environment Artist at Sony Santa Monica Studios], Mike Ellis [Game Designer at Sony Santa Monica Studios] and DJ Turner [Director, Founding Member VR Playhouse] as well as 2019 Fiction and Entertainment graduates: Case Miller, Yucong Wang, Kaan Karabagli, Shuruq Tramontini, Cole Daly, Kate Stuteville, Enrique Agudo and William Chen