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Spin Room: Elena Manferdini, Florencia Pita, Patricia Olynyk (September 11, 2020)16:23

Florencia Pita and Elena Manferdini welcome viewers to the 2020 graduate thesis reviews.

At 3:12. Elena Manferdini asks Patricia Olynyk about her impressions, as a guest juror, of the reviews. Olynyk comments that the students seem to be moving towards speculative projects that take on larger issues, which she sees as a reflection of the present moment, and also a reassessment of the past. They discuss the shift from in-person to remote presentation. Manferdini: “It’s interesting to see what we do when we’re completely flat … completely flat, beginning to end.”

They both detect a fundamental shift in everybody’s behavior in the shift to online only interaction.
It’s prompting a rethinking of engagement with the virtual, and changing the way we think about the past, and about the future. Oylnyk notes that experiencing the world through the screen is making us all even more ocular-centric.

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