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Simon Critchley: Memory theater (November 9, 2017)01:23:05

Jake Matatyaou introduces Simon Critchley. This masterclass will consist of a presentation by Critchley, followed by a conversation between him and Matatyaou.

Critchley reads from his philosophical novel “Memory Theater” (2014), combining 16th century writer Giulio Camillo’s plan of a memory, and 20th century historian Frances Yate’s discussion of the theater (in “The Art of Memory”), Hegel’s “Phenomenology of Spirit”, and issues of fate, death and knowledge.

Critchley and Matatyaou discuss memory, death, dying and redemption, focusing on spatialized history experienced in cities and monuments. Their discussion touches on a variety of writings, including Kafka’s parables, Maurice Blanchot’s “The Moment of my death”, George Bataille’s “Against Architecture”, Walter Benjamin’s “The Storyteller”.

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